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An integrated method which is a broad-based approach for controlling pests is known as Integrated pest management. It is also called as integrated pest control. Integrated pest management aims for the healthy growth of the crops with minimized disruption to the natural ecosystems. It mainly includes controlling of pests, weeds, and plant pathogens. The objective of JIPM is to target a non-technical audience with original, high-quality articles supported with published references. The intended readership for JIPM is anyone engaged in any aspect of integrated pest management, including, but not limited to farmers and ranchers, consultants, extension professionals, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers of pest management products, educators, foresters, animal and human health professionals, and pest control operators. The journal will not publish articles based on original, unpublished research. Data and results from original research are better suited for research-focused journals, such as the Journal of Economic Entomology (published by the ESA), Plant Disease (published by the American Phytopathological Society), or Weed Technology (published by the Weed Science Society of America). The journal is multi-disciplinary in scope, including topics associated with entomology, nematology, plant pathology, weed science, and other subject areas. The editors request submissions of original, extension-focused articles in the broadest sense, including, but not limited to the management of pests that affect agronomic and horticultural crops, forage and grasslands, forests, urban landscapes, structures, schools and households, livestock and pets, and human health.

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