Tackling dementia together with primary care in Singapore | 49588

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

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Tackling dementia together with primary care in Singapore


August 29-31, 2017 | London, UK

Chris Tsoi

National University of Singapore, Singapore

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Abstract :

The bottleneck of dementia care in Singapore is "making diagnosis".Without diagnosis, the patient cannot assess the support and service they desperately need.Instead of waiting for the number of specialist doctors, the presenter is trying a new approach, by building up a shared-care clinic at CCK Polyclinic (A huge Regional Primary Care Clinic, serving 4 to 5 thousand patients per day). Aiming at training family physicians, enabling them making diagnosis and providing service for uncomplicated Alzheimer's disease could be the future model of care for dementia service in Singapore. This model had been shown successful in the past 4 years. The presenter is now proceeding to the second stage. Besides opening more such kind of clinic, a new team of non-professional workers are trained to provide care coordination, once the diagnosis is provided. Each such worker is supposed to take up at least 100 new cases of dementia per year. For the time being, such initiative has been successful. Hopefully these could be the means for resolving the problems related to dementia. The presentation will cover the following in presentation: New primary tertiary care interface for management of dementia; could be managed with selected case; type of cases suitable to primary care; type of cases suitable to tertiary care; a new type of clinic with in primary care with psychogeriatric support; how to develop a dementia clinic based at a polyclinic and amazing strength of primary care Doctors.

Biography :

Chris Tsoi has completed MBchM at CUHK, MRCPsych (UK), CCST in General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry (UK) and Consultant Psychiatrist at NUHS. He has received early psychiatry training in Hong Kong and practiced there for 7 years, then moved to UK and practiced for 7 years. He has qualified as a Psychogeriatrician and a General Adult Psychiatrist at Leicester, then practiced as a Consultant Psychiatrist at Nottingham. Currently, he is working as Program Director of a psychogeriatric service called G-Race, serving the west of Singapore (with a population of about 1.2 million). His focus is on diagnosing and treating early dementia.