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Crop management. the organization of agricultural practices used to enhance the growth, improvement, and yield of agricultural vegetation. Crop manufacturing and management is necessary to feed any such big populace of India. Growing danger of diseases, pests, insects and weeds makes it essential to manipulate the crop properly to get true yield and pleasant of crops.Crop manufacturing is a department of agriculture that deals with developing vegetation for use as food and fiber. degree applications in crop manufacturing are to be had at undergraduate and graduate ranges. Graduates are eligible for an expansion of agricultural careers.There are exceptional types of agricultural production machine relying on the type of crop and use.  Crop production and management of corn, cotton,wheat, soybean and tobacco vegetation generates earnings to the farmers. These are: development of vegetation that have excessive water-use efficiency (drought-tolerance), are excessive yielding, early maturing, and excessive client acceptability. development of environmentally well matched techniques for the efficient management of pests and sicknesses.  

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