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Covid Treatment In Slovenia

In dealing with epidemic situation, Slovenia has already taken the following measures:all education institutions in Slovenia are closedwith the exception of facilities working with adolescents with emotional and behavioural disorders and organised group child care is prohibited;a complete ban on visits to retirement homes;temporary prohibition of public gathering at public meetings and public events and other events in public places;the majority of public institutions are closed(libraries, museums, cinemas, galleries, etc.);public passenger bus and railway transport, including transport with cable cars and funicular, was suspended;the provision and sale of goods and services directly to consumersin the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is temporarily banned (including accommodation, catering, wellness, sports and recreational, cinematographic, cultural, hairdressing, cosmetics and pedicure services, including gaming and other similar activities);recommendation for employers to assign work from home (assignment of other types of work and/or place of performing work without employees’ consent, but only for the duration of the exceptional circumstances);the operations of administrative units are limited to the performance of urgent tasks until further notice;restricting certain rights of healthcare professionals: health staff is prohibited from taking annual leave and is restricted from their right to go on strike;judicial matters: the suspension of procedural time limits in procedures that are not being conducted due coronavirus; the suspension of all material preclusive time limits for the exercise of rights of clients; material preclusive time limits, which require national authorities to take certain action, are extended;stricter border regime;pensioners can only carry out their purchase between 8.00 – 10.00 (while others are forbidden to carry out their purchase in that period, excluding pregnant women and persons with disabilities);mandatory disinfection of multi-dwelling buildingstemporary prohibition of the operation of air services in the Republic of Sloveniaprohibition of movement outside the municipality of permanent or temporary residence.The results are drastically reflected in the economic activity in Slovenia, particularly in tourism, hospitality, retail and processing sectors, where the demand for workforce has already started to drop, which is why further measures must be adopted to facilitate the situation in the business sector and protect the employees.
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