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HIV infection remains incurable even today. Until a vaccine or effective cure is found, the greatest deterrent against HIV is the knowledge generated from systematic research. Several countries lack basic data sources to help researchers, non-governmental organizations (NGO) workers and policy implementers. In this context, Journal of HIV and AIDS Research draws attention of the readers to the latest developments in HIV research focused on prevention, treatment and cure. The journal encourages research articles, reviews, editorials, short communications, case reports and clinical trials.

Scope of the Journal
Journal of HIV and AIDS Research covers all the relevant topics of HIV and AIDS including molecular biology, clinical studies, epidemiological studies, immune restoration approaches, prevention, therapeutic science, vaccines, pathogenesis, diagnostics, drug resistance, virology, management strategies, anti-retroviral & palliative therapies, as well as public health policies. Authentic editorials and expert commentaries of the journal have the potential to serve as a forum for health policy discussions. The journal aims to present the context and insights in our understanding of HIV, its clinical aspects and challenges to deliver solutions to the people.

Editorial Board
    Senior Fellow, Immunology
    University of Washington, Seattle, WA , United States
  • Prasun J. Mishra
    Founder and CEO, PhD
    Belmont, California, USA
  • Omkar Chaudhary, PhD
    Research Fellow, Division of Infectious Diseases
    Harvard Medical School, USA

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