Journal of HIV and AIDS Research

Prasun J. Mishra

Prasun J. Mishra
Founder and CEO, PhD
Belmont, California, USA


Dr. Mishra (Ex-Genentech, Ex-NCI, Ex-NIH) is the Founder and CEO of Agility Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company committed to revolutionizing drug discovery & development through technology, big data, robotics, and artificial intelligence. He is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first company after graduating high school, and second company during his PhD. Since then, he has accumulated a wealth of experienced by building, investing and advising numerous other companies. He is an investor/co-founder/board member of five US based corporations focused on accelerating drug discovery & development, blockchain and digital health. Dr. Mishra is also founding president and CEO of American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM) and is leading research efforts focused on preventing & curing chronic diseases; not only treating the sick but also providing knowledge/tools to individuals to live longer, healthier lives. His research work has been recognized globally by over 40 prestigious awards and honors. Due to his unique perspective & selfless service, he is highly respected & sought-after mentor to many. The companies that he has advised have raised multimillion dollars. Notably, he serves as a mentor and advisor to startup accelerators such as IndieBio (enterprise value created in the past 5 years : over USD 1.2 Billion), Health2.0’s Project Zygote (digital health accelerator) and California Life Sciences Institute FAST program (over $880 million raised), to help grow California’s life sciences innovation ecosystem.He is the creative mind behind DANS.

Research Interest

Drug development and precision medicine, new drug targets, biomarkers, companion diagnostics, and mechanisms of action/resistance of both new and established drugsBio-marker/companion diagnostics driven precision medicin, Stem cells, tumor microenvironment, Oncology, Immunology, inflammation, fibrosis, aging, Translational and clinical research.