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COVID Situation In Sweden

Covid-19 has triggered drastic policy measures in many countries, including lockdowns and severe restrictions on the freedom of movement of people. Sweden is one clear exception to this pattern: no nationwide mandatory lockdown has been enforced. Swedes are able to move freely within their country as well as across the Swedish border – although they are likely to be stopped from entering other countries. The Swedish strategy in dealing with Covid-19 – commonly described as liberal, lax, less stringent, or permissive – stands out as an exception in an international context. It is essentially based on advice and recommendations concerning individual behavior, not on binding compulsory measures such as lockdowns. The main reason for this exceptionalism is the design of the Swedish constitution, reflecting a trajectory going far back in Swedish history. The constitution mirrors the norms held by the public concerning freedom and the power of the central government as well. Commonly, the international attention given to Sweden does not pay attention to these roots. Most Swedes are not aware of them either. 
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