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With increasing life expectancy, globalization, life style changes, climate changes and changing demography, the global health care sector is facing new challenges. This is compounded by the prevalence of virulent infections and development of antibiotic resistance. In order to address these issues, health and medical research assumes central importance. In this context, Journal of Health and Medical Research provides a global platform for facilitating and promoting health and medical research communications, exchange of research concepts, sharing of recent developments, observations, expert opinions and innovative concepts as well as coordinated scientific programs. With open accessibility, the journal aims to provide inspiration to the students, interns and young medical professionals in their research careers.

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Journal of Health and Medical Research publishes articles covering wide range of disciplines including Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology focused on developing effective medicines, efficient procedures dealing both preclinical aspects like molecular and cellular research, in vitro and animal model studies as well as clinical trials. Health research topics relating to disease prevalence, risk factors, public health intervention outcomes as well as healthcare economics and medical research topics including etiology of disease, prognosis, management and treatment, functional aspects of human physiology, mechanisms of health improvement and reduction in the burden of disease are covered in this journal.

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Articles published in Journal of Health and Medical Research have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Health and Medical Research has got h-index 2 , which means every article in Journal of Health and Medical Research has got 2 average citations.

Editorial Board
  • Hiroshi Bando, MD, PhD, FACP
    Professor, Medical Research
    Tokushima University, Japan
  • Farid Menaa, Ph. D
    Professor, Departments of Internal Medicine and Nanomedicine
    California Innovations Corporation, USA
  • Mirela Olympia Fagarasan Palmer
    Professor, Neurology
    University of Southern California, USA
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