Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Stefania Righi

Stefania Righi
Faculty of Psychology
University of Florence, Italy


Stefania was graduated in Psychology in University of Rome “La Sapienza” and completed my doctoral studies at University of Florence where she was trained by Prof. M.P. Viggiano. Currently, She is working as senior researcher in the University of Florence.
Her main areas of interest concern how our mind perceives, represents, encodes and recognizes the visual objects of the world (objects, faces and scenes). The core issue of my studies is understanding how and to what extent the object representations is affected by cognitive, emotional, social factors and by individual differences. More specifically, Her aim to explore the time course of the interaction between the cognitive (recognition and memory) and the emotional and socio-affective processing. In recent years she is gaining interest in understanding the role of action affordance and aesthetic evaluation in the processing of visual objects. To address these multifaceted issues she use electrophysiological techniques such as EEG and ERPs as well as behavioral methods.

Research Interest

 Visual object recognition and in particular face recognition – emotional memory - action affordance - aesthetic evaluation