Journal of Arthritis

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Paul Y F Lee

Paul Y F Lee
WelshBone, UK



Dr. Paul Y F Lee received his MBBch from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. During his higher surgical training in the Welsh Rotation, UK; he have became a Member of the Facility of Sports and Exercise Medicine and passed the certified Fellowship exams in Europe and UK in orthopaedics. To further develop his expertise in arthritis, complex orthopaedics surgery and regeneration medicine, he has undertaken further national fellowship training in the internationally renowned Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedics Hospital in Oswestry in associated with the British Orthopaedics Associations. Dr. Lee have an excellent profile in research, after completing his MSc in Sports and Exercise medicine in 2011, he was able to continue his research to a PhD level. He was awarded the orthopaedics traveling fellowship in 2013 to visit EndoKlinik, Germany and Sports Medicine travelling fellowship in 2014 to present his work and gain further experience in Australia. Being a double board certified Orthopaedic surgeon with specialist interests in orthopaedics and regenerative medicine and PhD in medical engineering, he has successfully applied his research to clinical use; treated UK premiership footballers for muscle injuries which significantly reduced their time for recovery and return to play. He treated sports injuries in high-level athletes and has been offering performance medicine consultation, treatment and lectures to elite sports teams since 2010. His clinical interests are lower limb arthroplasty, regenerative and sports surgery, performance medicine.

Research development:

In order to further develop education and research, Dr. Lee have founded WelshBone in 2013 to inspire and promote education and good clinical practice, it was endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and British Orthopaedics Association. This lead to the development of clinical examination courses, practical workshops and the South Wales Orthopaedics Research Network (SWORN). Dr. Lee is keen to promote and support orthopaedics and sports medicine research, have supported many undergraduate and postgraduate projects.

Research Interest

a. Basic science i. Inflammatory respond in muscle injuries ii. Autologous Conditioned Serum, PRP, Actovegin therapy

b. Clinical i. Knee brace in the treatment of arthritis ii. Medial patella femoral ligament reconstruction iii. Hip and knee arthroplasty

c. Biomechanics i. Saw blade, scalpel design ii. Anchor, screws, biomaterial testing iii. Hip taper junction, tribology

d. Quality improvement i. Consent pathway ii. Orthopaedic Research network iii. Pre op improvement

e. Medical education i. Clinical examination protocol ii. Telemedical education