Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Norman David Nsereko

Norman David Nsereko, PhD
Associate Professor, Counselling Psychology


Designed the course curriculum of Guidance and Counselling for the School of Education, Humanities and Sciences adopted for a semester system incorporating course units applicable to the training of a counsellor to work within the Ugandan context. These course units have given the counselling program of Nkumba University its unique flavor. Among these include Pastoral Care Counselling and HIV/AIDS, Foundations of School Counselling, Values Education and Antisocial Behaviour Counselling, Human rights and Counselling, Introduction to the field of Counselling, Laboratory in Counselling and Counselling the Aged. Pioneer lecturer of the Counselling Program in Nkumba University, 2005 Member on three Nkumba University Committees: ? Quality Assurance Committee of the School of Education, Humanities Sciences; ? Distance Learning Committee and ? Panel for PhD Students Committee Participated in the policy formulation for Distance Learning in Nkumba University Played a significant role in initiating groundwork of the establishment of the Munnange Counselling Center at Nkumba University and the cooperation with the Belgium counterparts in 2012 Introduced training in supervision (workshop) for Ugandan therapists delivered by the International Society of Counsellors and Clinical Supervisors in 2015 Supervised guidance and counselling students (trainees) (four trainees on average per academic year) in their field placement plus supervising the writing of their field work reports based on the standard guidelines stipulated by the School of Education, Humanities and Sciences (developed by the author) Formulated a policy framework for supervision/ internship/Block field placement for counselling students at Nkumba University (2012) Attends school board meetings, academic and therapeutic conferences, program development and research in mental health. Supervises research dissertations/thesis for both undergraduate and graduate students 2005 present-Voluntary counselling services for the public and for university students. Most counselling sessions are held during semester breaks. 2013 present- as appointed Associate Chaplain to the Holy Family Catholic Chaplaincy of Nkumba University, I offer spiritual and religious services/guidance to the catholic community of Nkumba University and elsewhere. .

Research Interest

Crisis counselling, Mental health, psychopathology, school counselling, Pastoral counselling, Human Rights, Counselling the aged, Mental health service utilization, Eating disorders, psychometrics, Theories of counselling, counselling process and techniques, Supervision, career counselling, child and adolescent counselling, substance abuse counselling