Journal of Health and Medical Research


M. OBULESU, M.Sc. (Ph.D)
ATG Laboratories, India


M. Obulesu is a Scientist in ATG Laboratories, Pune, India.  He has 18 years of research and teaching experience.  His research areas are multifarious which include food science, pathology of Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and designing polymer based Biomaterials (Design of hydrogels etc.).  He did Alzheimer’s disease research and developed an aluminium induced neurotoxicity rabbit model.   His present research focuses on development of redox-active injectable hydrogels of polyion complex.  His research area also includes development of metal chelators to overcome metal induced toxicity.  His books, 2 monographs entitled “Alzheimer’s Disease Theranostics (Elsevier (First Edition))” “Parkinson’s Disease Therapeutics: Emphasis on Nanotechnological Advances” (Elsevier (First Edition)) and an editorial collection “Alternative Medicine for Alzheimer’s Disease (Taylor and Francis)” are accepted currently (Work in Progress). He is the first and corresponding author for majority of his articles.  He secured a certificate from Stanford University for the Scientific Writing course. He is on editorial board of a few pathology journals such as Journal of Medical Laboratory and Diagnosis, Journal of Medical and Surgical Pathology, Annals of Retrovirals and Antiretrovirals, Kenkyu Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research, SciFed Oncology and Cancer Research Journal, Journal of Cancer and Cure. He is also on editorial board of nanotechnology journals such as SciFed Nanotech Research Letters, SciFed Drug Delivery Research, Current Updates in Nanotechnology and Journal of Nanotechnology and Materials Science.

Research Interest

Biochemistry,Zoology, Biology