Journal of Arthritis

ISSN - 2167-7921

Di Lorenzo Luigi

Di Lorenzo Luigi
Director, Rehabilitation Unit
RUMMO Hospital, Italy


Born in 1969 and graduated in Medicine in 1993, he started his specialist training in Rehabilitation Medicine in Naples at Second University in 1994.In 1996 he spend 1 year a Brightonneral Hospital Sussex Rehab centre in Brighton UK and the Spinal unit settled at Royal National Ort Hospital (RNOH)  in Stanmore- London UK ( years 1996 and 1997) where he start to manage patients with Stroke, Neuropathies, Brain Injury, ampamputees andnagement of spasticity. In 2004 he started the specialist training in Anaesthesia and ICU ( Ended in 2008). Since 2005 started to research better thoroughly sport related disabilities and in 2007 he obtained the licence of of the Italian Sports Medicine Federation to follow Professional Sport Teams. Last  Years he followed several Soccer Professional team of third division and collaborate with FORTE Group following a professionall “Calcio” Team playing in Italian Serie B Soccer Division.


Research Interest

Arthritis  and painful related pathologies Opioid in non malignant severe chronic pain Tendinopathies and Joint pathologies Spasticity and Movement disorders Stroke and Neurological Disabilities Ultrasound Muscular skeletal Procedures.