Neurology and Neurorehabilitation

Braulio Fernandes de Carvalho

Braulio Fernandes de Carvalho, PhD
Biomedical scientist, Biology and sciences


He is a biologist (Federal University of Piauí - Brazil) and biomedical scientist (Uninovafapi - Brazil) from Parnaíba, Piauí, Brazil. He have had experience in research groups of genetics, cell biology and molecular biology, including an internship at a private clinic of Assisted Human Reproduction, his first contact with human stem cells. He actively attended conferences, seminars and scientific exchange. After graduation, He obtained a Master's Degree in Biological Sciences (University of Tsukuba - Japan) and performed research activities at the Research Center for Stem Cell Engineering - AIST (Tsukuba, Japan). There He had the opportunity to participate in debates and research activities regarding stem cell biology and to build a network with researchers of several research centers at Brazil and abroad. Nowadays He work as private teacher of Biology and Sciences, He is a member of the Editorial Team of Annals of Behavioral Neuroscience and reviewer for journals related to neurosciences and stem cells.

Research Interest

Cell biology Histology  Stem cell biology Neurodegeneration Regenerative medicine Cell therapy Neuroscience Neural stem cell