Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Ahmed M. Megreya

Ahmed M. Megreya
Associate Professor of Psychology
Qatar University, Qatar


Obtained a Master in clinical child psychology from Menoufia University (Egypt) in 1996, followed by a PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of Glasgow (UK) in 2005. He was awarded Qatar University Scientists 2015 Scopus Awards in Humanities, the State (Egypt) Incentive Award for Social Sciences (Psychology) in 2011, and the University (Menoufia) Incentive Award for Psychological and Educational Sciences in 2011. For the full list of my publication, please see my google scholar page on this link:

Research Interest

Visual cognition generally and face recognition particularly - Cross-cultural differences in cognition - Eye-witness identification - Psychological disorders in children - Criminal thinking - Correlates of criminal behaviour - Emotion regulation - Psychopathology of personality - Identity statuses and psycho-social development - Psychopathology in general and personality disorders in specific.