Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Shungu Hilda M’gadzah

Department of Educational Psychology, University of East London, United Kingdom


  • Editorial Comment   
    First Letter to White Educational Psychologists. We Can't Breathe. Black Lives Matter
    Author(s): Shungu Hilda M’gadzah*

    Many psychological professional groups have professed their commitment to diversity, and the Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP) a professional union, has posted a message: Racism has no place in our society. What about in our profession? Reading this thread, I can’t help thinking, here we go again. Anti-racism statements are like equal opportunities policies which languish in filing cabinets. People say all the right things but rarely is this matched by actions and very little changes. Sadly, commitments to diversity and position statements are not enough as nothing seems to change... View More»

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