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Sanjay Bhatt S

Department of Biochemistry, SRMS Institute of Medical Sciences, Bareilly, UP, India


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    Evaluation of Serum Insulin Level as a Marker of Insulin Resistance in Obese with and without Diabetes Type-2
    Author(s): Dutta S and Sanjay Bhatt S*

    Introduction: Insulin resistance is the greatest risk factor for development of obesity and Type-2 DM. Euglycemia with increased insulin level is one of the salient features in insulin resistance. Techniques for assessment of insulin resistance by HOMA, QUICKI are very tedious, expensive and time-consuming as reported in various researches. On the contrary, estimation of fasting serum insulin is a very easy tool to measure the presence and progression of Insulin resistance but this methodology is not widely explored. Aim and objective: To measure level of serum insulin in obese persons with and without Diabetes in comparison to normal non-obese non-diabetic controls for determination of Insulin resistance. Material and methods: This observational case-control study was done in SRMS IMS, Bareilly. A total.. View More»

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