International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health

ISSN - 1840-4529

Padma S Vankar

Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA), Mumbai, India


  • Short Communication   
    Lantana Oil and Neem Oil in Combination with their Extracts, a Good Combination for Mosquito Repellency
    Author(s): Samudrika Wijayapala and Padma S Vankar*

    Oil extracted from Neem leaves has been used as a mosquito repellent from ancient time. Modern commercial products available in the market for the use of mosquito repellents are chemical based and are found to be very harmful for human health. In this study preparation of a purely herbal product from the extracts of Neem leaf and Lantana leaf- flower through steam distillation was achieved. Both the plants are cheaply and abundantly available. The formulation was found to be effective and environment friendly. The efficacy of prepared Neem –Lantana combined essential oil and methanolic extract was evaluated for mosquito repellency. Based on the results obtained, the most effective repellency activity was achieved with 10% Neem-Lantana combination of oil and extract. Essential oils (EO) can have a synergistic effect in combination. Several modes of action have been put forward by.. View More»

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