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Noah Williams

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  • Short Communication   
    A Short Communication on Tooth Regeneration in Dentistry
    Author(s): Noah Williams*

    Tissue regeneration is an important process in the skeletal system of humans throughout their lives. The construction of bone structures and teeth is heavily reliant on this continual operation to keep them in good working order. All of the components involved in the fundamental operation of our skeletal system are always in danger of injuries and deformations throughout our lives. As a result, promoting bone and tooth regeneration has become a vital countermeasure in modern medicine to address these acquired abnormalities. There are a variety of approaches to treating erosive disorders of the bone and teeth, but natural chemicals have risen in favor in recent years. These materials offer a wide range of medicinal agents with various biological properties. Based on the source of natural candidates and prospective clinical indications, a complete exploration has been implemented in thi.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/jdrp.22.4(2).009

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