Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Nabha Natesh

Department of Cognitive Neuropathy, Vignan University, India


  • Perspective   
    Virtual Reality: Online Games Leads to Mental Health & Psychological Trauma
    Author(s): Nabha Natesh*

    These days it is unimaginable to maintain a life without the use of technology. The victorious individual and cognitive development of a child is completely based on acive enagagement in several activities. Enhancing their mental processes, evolving several forms of knowledge, and comprehending and acquiring social morals in the condition they are brought up. A.NLeontiev, S.L.Rubinstein, A.Smirnov, B.M.Teplov, M.M.Mukanov, S.M.Dzhakupov and others who are psychologists have conducted research studies. They have observed that the establishment & organization of several psychological processes and the growth of personality chiefly depends on matter of activity, its aims, intention and means of execution. Even though video gaming is not much issue for many of the people, surplus playing of video games may cause functional damage psychological distress in some of the games. The recent.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2471-2701.21.7.245

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