Journal of Biology and Today's World

ISSN - 2322-3308

Fatma S.M. Moawed

Health Radiation Research, National Center for Radiation Research and Technology, Atomic Energy Authority, Cairo, Egypt

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    Caloric Restriction Combined with Vitamin C and Metformin Regulates Inflammatory Mediators through the JNK/p53/FoxO3 Pathway in Aged Rats
    Author(s): Omayma A.R. Abozaid, Omama E. Elshawi, Mohammad A. Mohammad and Fatma S.M. Moawed*

    Aging has been targeted by dietary manipulation, drugs and antioxidants, to increase lifespan promotion of healthy aging. Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and diets have been studied in various aging therapies with the ability to extend life span and postpone disease and dysfunction in animals. Starting from the metabolic theory of aging and the use of aging-mediator agent (D-galactose), this work was undertaken to demonstrate the possible role of Caloric Restriction (CR), Vitamin C (Vit C) and Metformin (Met) either alone or in combination to delay the aging process and promotion of health span and life extension in male albino rats; shedding the light on the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying anti-age-related changes. Aging was induced by subcutaneous injection of D-galactose (D-gal) (100 mg/kg/d for 8 weeks). Liver samples were subjected to and relative mRNA and protein ex.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2322-3308.21.10.005

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