Journal of Biology and Today's World

ISSN - 2322-3308

Chao Du

Baotou Teachers College, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, Baotou 014030, P.R. China

  • Research Article   
    Genetic Diversity and Population Structure in Two Captive Rhesus Monkey (Macaca mulatta) Populations as Revealed by Microsatellite Markers
    Author(s): Chao Du, Bai Mo, Wujiao Li, Wencong Liu, Zongxiu Hu and Yongtao Xu*

    Background: Rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) are extensively used in the field of medical and psychological research as a valuable model organism. To explore the breeding potential and exchange of germplasm resources for rhesus monkeys, genetic diversity derived from two different captive populations was comparatively evaluated based on polymorphic microsatellite markers. Methods: Fifteen polymorphic microsatellite markers were used to analyze the genetic diversity parameters. Micro-Checker was used to check for genotyping errors due to null alleles, allelic dropout, and stuttering. Hardy– Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) test were analyzed using Genepop on the web. The best K value was calculated by Structure Harvester, CLUMPP_Windows and distruct were used to visualize the individual coefficients of membership in the subpopulation... Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2322-3308.11.3.001

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