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ISSN - 2322-3308

Cayatineto HW

Laboratory of Pharmacogenetics and Health Care Disparities, School of STEM, New York, United States


  • Research Article   
    The Underrepresentation of Minorities and Non-Generalizability of Breast Cancer Clinical Trials?
    Author(s): Clyde CS, Yazzie GA, Cayatineto HW, Grunther B and Joseph Angel de Soto*

    Introduction: This year 43,000 women will die from breast cancer in the United States. African Americans and Native Americans though less likely to get breast cancer, once diagnosed they are much more likely to die from breast cancer. This increased death rate may in part be due to the non-generalizability of breast cancer clinical trials. In this study, we evaluate the participation of ethnic minorities from breast cancer clinical trials. Methodology: In this study, fifty-six breast cancer clinical trials completed in the last ten years in the United States were evaluated for the inclusion of ethnic minorities in the breast cancer clinical trials. Results: Only 21% of breast cancer clinical trials include information on ethnicity in the methodology while only 7% provided any information on t.. View More»

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