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Andre Jones

Editorial Board office, Clinical and Experimental Psychology, Belgium


  • Short Communication   
    Energy Brain Research: Efficacy, Speed, Instruments
    Author(s): Andre Jones*

    The most notable types of "energy brain research" consolidate mental and openness methods with the feeling of chosen needle therapy focuses (acupoints) by tapping on them. Most clinicians who learn and use an acupoint tapping convention coordinate the methodology inside their current clinical systems rather than involving it as an independent treatment. The technique has been profoundly disputable, with its adequacy, indicated speed, and informative models generally addressed. In any case, its use inside clinical settings and as a self improvement technique has kept on growing since it was presented over thirty years prior. This paper audits the most remarkable reactions of the technique and presents research and observationally based hypothetical builds that address them. In excess of 100 friend assessed result studies-51 of which are randomized controlled preliminaries giv.. View More»
    DOI: 10.35248/ 2471-2701.22.8(2).298

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