Clinical and Experimental Psychology

Ameena Sultana

Department of Pharmacy, St. Peter’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Telangana, India


  • Perspective   
    Psychology Alcohol Intolerance in Neoplastic Disease in Neurofeedback Training to Improve Neuronal Regulation
    Author(s): Ameena Sultana*

    This report subtleties the utilization of Neurofeedback preparing (NFT) on a 15 years of age young lady with Attention Deficit Disorder. The youngster's mom detailed a past filled with hyperactivity, failure to self-control/center consideration, impulsivity, self injury and typically disinhibition. The objective was to empower the youngster to accomplish a superior cerebrum guideline, prompting enhancements in consideration, temperament, and social conduct. The sensors were put on the scalp and associated with the PC programming that identifies explicit neuronal action. The subject showed an improvement in passionate response, a decrease in self wounds and oppositional conduct, and a superior social relationship... View More»

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