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Vladimir J Konecni

Vladimir J Konecni

San Diego, California 92093-0109

  • Opinion Article
    The Significance of Encapsulation of Visual Perception for Philosophy of Mind and Aesthetic Analysis
    Author(s): Vladimir J KonecniVladimir J Konecni

    This Opinion Article highlights three sets of important implications of the very recent work by C. Firestone and B. Scholl on the encapsulation of visual perception: (a) methodological implications, especially with regard to experimental areas of cognitive science, such as cognitive social psychology; (b) implications of interest to philosophers of mind, some of whose more extravagant recent claims have been based on the assumption of “topdown” cognitive effects on perception; and (c) implications that challenge some recent work in philosophical and psychological aesthetics regarding art expertise, as well as defend the logic of A. Danto’s theorizing from attacks that are based on the assumption of “top-down” cognitive effects... Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2471-2701.1000102

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