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    Occupational Therapy's Role in Recovery of Children with Mental Disabilities
    Author(s): Maria-ElenaOsiceanu and Ştefania ZaharescuMaria-ElenaOsiceanu and Ştefania Zaharescu

    This paper aims to identify ones of the most effective methods and procedures for improving self-esteem and reducing the frequency of aggressive behaviors recorded at the children with mental disabilities. The basic motivation of the work is in line with the widening of the concerns about the ways of harmonious developing the personality of the pupils from special primary schools, especially those with behavioral disorders. The working hypothesis from which we started was that if, in the framework of occupational therapies, we use as a teaching strategy melotherapy and body expression activities, then we can substantially improve the quality and efficiency of the process of shaping the image and the esteem and reduce behavioral disorders at the children with mental disabilities. The research was carried out on a number of 40 students with light and moderate mental disability (primary .. View More»

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