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Klaus Olsen

Klaus Olsen


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    Effect of Age upon Leadership Attributes from Recruitment Instrument: a Selective Developmental Trajectory
    Author(s): Trevor Archer, Bengt Jansson and Klaus OlsenTrevor Archer, Bengt Jansson and Klaus Olsen

    This exploratory report presents the contents of a large data-base consisting of psychometric measurement of personality-related attributes of individuals who underwent the recruitment process by completing the JobMatchTalent instrument that was developed from principles of occupational psychology. On the basis of individuals’, who applied for corporate or governmental leadership positions, responses, the correlations between applicants’ age and personal attributes was obtained. Correlational and regression analyses were used to explore differences between younger and older potential executive participants. These indicated that younger leadership applicants enjoyed an advantage with regard to: ”Focus-on-details”, ”Focus-on-order”, ”Own motivation”, ”Concentration”, ”Will-power”, ”Winner-instinct”, R.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2471-2701.1000106

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