International Journal of Pharmacy Teaching & Practices

ISSN - 1986-8111

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2016

Review Article

Pages: 1 - 7

Historical Development and Recently Situation of History of Pharmacy and Deontology Courses in Turkey

Sevgi Å?ar, Miray Arslan, Bilge Sözen Å?ahne

Review Article

Pages: 1 - 9

A Review on Current Trends in the Management of Ebola Virus Disease

Palanisamy Sivanandy, Shim Hui Sin, Ong Yee Ching, Dayalini Rajasekar, Gan Sau Woon, Hii Hieng Chiew, Charisse Ng Ee-Yenn, Khoo Xin Wei, Yeap Wei Leng.

Research Article

Pages: 1 - 7

Assesment of Chloroquine Tablets Used in the Treatment of Malaria in Northern Nigeria

Midala TAS, Timothy SY, Emenike IV