Towards an Integrated and Health and Social Care | 46644

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Towards an Integrated and Health and Social Care

Pedro J Tarraga Lopez

Abstract: Let aimed towards an integrated and health and social care. And for this we will ask for a transparency in publishing data, a social participation to work with other sectors such as education and social services that requires patience, good public relations capacity, and believe in it and assign positions. A communication efforts internally. Ultimately we need to increase our work in prevention and health promotion. The main challenge is to strengthen the global health system, understood as a sum of efforts of various institutions and administrations. Innovation makes sense when it is practical, provides benefits over existing, and this makes it efficiently. The difference between evolutionary and disruptive innovations is given by the impact they produce. If we simply apply not disruptive innovations continuous improvement of the instruments, processes and procedures would take place. In the discussion of health managers is the concern for patient management of chronic health resources therefore needs as the cost involved and will assume in the next anon. In our health area of Albacete, after the administrative integration of primary and specialty care, it has designed a plan to complete and perfect this integration and adding social services system.