The Influence of Demographic Factors on Ghanaian University | 46408

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


The Influence of Demographic Factors on Ghanaian University Students Perception of Barriers to Health/Mental Healthcare

Evelyn Ekua Bentil and Danquah SA

The aim of the study was to examine the influence of demographic variables on perceived barriers to accessing health/mental healthcare. The population was students who had enrolled into various universities in the Republic of Ghana. Participants were selected based on their convenient accessibility. A validated instrument, the thirty-nine item Barriers to Care Questionnaire, (BCQ) was used to gather data for this study. In addition, a demographic information sheet was used to assess basic demographic information of the participants. The results indicated that the age of respondents influenced their reports on barriers to receiving health/mental healthcare services although it was not evident that the gender, the marital status and the religious affiliation of the participants influenced their perceived barriers to health/mental healthcare. The limitations and implications of the study are then discussed. Areas for further research are also recommended.