The Effectiveness of Therapy Based on Acceptance and Commitm | 46684

Clinical and Experimental Psychology


The Effectiveness of Therapy Based on Acceptance and Commitment Social Anxiety and General Self-Efficacy on Divorced Women Under Welfare Organization in Yazd

Mozhgan Shaker, Mehdi Rahimi and Maryam Zare

This research is carried out targeting the assessment of effectiveness of group therapy based on acceptance and commitment on social avoidance and general self-efficiency among the divorced women from Yazd City who are supported by Welfare Organization. At first, two centers were selected among the clinics and communities associated with Welfare using availability method, the women were asked to complete the questionnaires on social pressure, and avoidance and general the next stage, 60 people who scored the least from the questionnaires were randomly divided into two test and control groups. Then 8 therapy sessions were held for the test group. In the meantime, the control group received no therapy. After these sessions, both groups were posttested again. The result of covariance analysis showed that in the post-test of the test group, the social avoidance score decreased. Therefore, we could conclude that group training of this therapy is effective on decreasing the social avoidance of general self-efficiency of divorced women.