Simulated Clinical User Study Validation of DropSafe Safety | 76960

International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health

ISSN - 1840-4529


Simulated Clinical User Study Validation of DropSafe Safety Pen Needle

Mariusz Malinowski*

Pen needles are essential for drugs injections using pen devices. The use of injection pens with needles sometimes causes accidental puncture. Accidental needle stick injuries (NSI) afflict not only patients, but also impact healthcare professionals who administer medications. The introduction of safety pen needles, with incorporated sharps injury prevention feature, is an advantage over the traditional pen needles reducing the risk of injury and the spread of infectious diseases. This study presents the results of the simulated clinical use study evaluating the safety of the use of DropSafe safety pen needle (SPN), in the prevention of NSI and evaluating the user’s satisfaction with regards to the handling characteristics of the product.