Redeveloping Drugs Based on Existing Patents | 46691

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Redeveloping Drugs Based on Existing Patents

Zhao XY, Diao TX and Zeng YJ

With the advent of the era of knowledge economy and China’s join into WTO, the Problem of intellectual property rights of drug has become increasingly important to Pharmaceutical industry and even to all society. The Patent Protection is the most important part of intellectual property right of drug, which does not only act as a safe guard and stimulator to drug development, but also is a Powerful tool for drug development Providing comprehensive technology and law information. The paper analyzed some Pharmaceutical companies' strategies to develop new drug with Patent. An investigation of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission shows that, the pharmaceutical industry is more dependent on patents than any other industries; the industry prevents free competition, compensate R&D investment, and learn about new technical breakthroughs through patents. Chinese researchers have no strong awareness of using patent literatures, often neglecting acquisition and analysis of patent information. Therefore, the author summarized and analyzed current methods of how foreign pharmaceutical companies use patent information for drug development, to provide Chinese pharmaceutical companies with references on fully using patent resources to develop drugs