Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Lifestyle Modific | 46523

Primary Health Care: Open Access

ISSN - 2167-1079


Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Lifestyle Modification of Hypertensive Patients at Jimma University Specialized Hospital, Ethiopia

Shibiru Tesema, Bayeta Disasa, Selamu Kebamo and Eliyas Kadi

Abstract Introduction: Hypertension is an overwhelming global challenge. Appropriate lifestyle changes are the cornerstone for the prevention of hypertension. They are also important for its treatment; although they should never delay the initiation of drug therapy in patients at a high level of risk. The study was conducted to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of hypertensive patients on life style modification to control hypertension at JUSH. Methods: A prospective cross sectional descriptive study design was used to determine the knowledge, attitudes and practices of hypertensive patients with respect to importance of lifestyle modification in the management of hypertension. 130 patients with hypertension were identified and interviewed using questionnaire. Results: Out of the 130 participants, majority (57.7%) were females. 80% of participants said they avoid salt in their diet and 15% 0f them drink alcohol. 59.2% know the ideal BP and 67.7% believe the fact that exercise reduces BP. Only 1.5% of them were smoking and large majority (94.6%) were having salt restriction. Majority (90.7%) of them reported that health care provider taught them about danger of too much salt. Conclusion: The results of this study indicates that although patients do receive advice on lifestyle modification, it was not enough and effective in changing patient behavior, knowledge and practice. Therefore, clinicians should give adequate time to provide relevant information on the value of life style modification in the control of their blood pressure