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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice On HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Batu Terara Preparatory School Students in Goba Town, Bale Zone, Southeast Ethiopia

Ahmed Yasin Mohammed, Tomas Benti Tefera and Muktar Beshir Ahmed

Introduction: There are 11.8 million HIV infected youth worldwide African youth face growing rates of infection with HIV/AIDS and STI. In this region most new HIV infection occur among people ages 15-24 and are sexually acquired .The highest prevalence of HIV is seen in the group of 15-24 years. The knowledge, attitude and practice study that was done in Ethiopia in 1997 on high school student’s show that students have good knowledge about HIV/ AIDS prevention. Objectives: To assess knowledge, attitude and practice on HIV/AIDS prevention among preparatory school students. Methods: A cross sectional study design was conducted between April 2-5, 2013 in Goba Batu Preparatory school students. Data was collected by using self-administered questionnaire through and analyzed using scientific calculator which was presented by using tables. Result: Almost all of students in study area had heard at least one HIV prevention method. Knowledge on some aspect of the disease is quite low in the study group. About 53% of respondents had positive attitude toward using condom. 62.1% and 67.8% of respondents had positive attitude towards abstinence and being faithful with friends respectively. About 54.1% of respondents were used condom and 38.5% of them used nothing. Conclusion: There were low recognition in condom usage & some misconceptions on way of HIV/AIDS transition. Recommendation: Our investigation call for continued and strengthened health education to bring change in knowledge in regard to misconceptions of HIV/AIDS transmission ways & Promoting condoms as one of the strategies of HIV/AIDS prevention process . We recommend this for the word’s health bureau and Madawalabu University College of medicine & health science.