Improving Maternal Health in the Volta Region of Ghana: Deve | 46342

Primary Health Care: Open Access

ISSN - 2167-1079


Improving Maternal Health in the Volta Region of Ghana: Development Action Plan from a Baseline Assessment using 5As Framework

Sarita Dhakal, Eun Woo Nam, Young Suk Jun, Ha Yun Kim, Festus Adams and Jin Sung Song

Introduction: KOICA and the Yonsei Global Health Center of Yonsei University finalized a baseline survey for the development of a maternal health program in the Volta Region of Ghana. Community, Health facility and health care provider surveys were conducted in the Region (Keta Municipality, Ketu North and South District) to evaluate the accessibility of essential reproductive health care, especially maternity services. Access to quality maternal health care is essential to reduce maternal mortality. Objective: To assess the strength and weakness of maternal health service and develop an action plan according to the problems to strengthen maternal health and reduce maternal mortality ratio in the Volta Region Method: Access to maternal health service had been categorized into five dimensions: availability, accessibility, affordability, accommodation and acceptability. 5As framework was used to assess the strength and weakness to the improvement of the maternal health. Results: Bested on the result it was found that, many obstacles to achieving every “A”, excluding acceptability and problems include; insufficient health personnel, inadequate knowledge in health service provider and inadequate instruments in health facilities. Conclusion: Based on the survey, training of service providers, regular supply of essential medicine and equipment and strengthening basic unit of the health service are recommended to improve access to maternal health care in the Volta Region, Ghana.