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Primary Health Care: Open Access

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Home Blood Pressure Monitoring and Hypertension Control

Oluwaseun A Akinseye and Leah I Akinseye

Hypertension affects approximately 65 million individuals in the United States and it is a leading modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. It is an independent predictor of all-cause mortality. Despite recent improvement in the global trend of hypertension, high blood pressure (BP) still remains a huge public health and economic burden and the percentage of uncontrolled BP still remain high and unacceptable. Home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM) is increasingly being recognized as having a significant contribution to BP control when compared to conventional BP monitoring. It has also been shown to have better reproducibility and prognostic predictive value, and reduce the cost of care associated with hypertension. It is therefore imperative to understand the barriers to successful adoption and implementation of HBPM and address such barriers through evidence-based interventions.