Back Pain during Pregnancy and Quality of Life of Pregnant W | 46856

Primary Health Care: Open Access

ISSN - 2167-1079


Back Pain during Pregnancy and Quality of Life of Pregnant Women

Ibanez G, Khaled A, Renard JF, Rohani S, Nizard J, Baiz N, Robert S, Chastang J

Background: This study aimed to compare the quality of life (QOL) of women with low back pain and women without low back pain during pregnancy. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study on pregnant women recruited in a hospital maternity or in primary care settings. Data collection was carried out through a self-administered questionnaire including the QOL Short Form Health Survey SF12-V2 scale. Independent sample t-tests were calculated to compare differences in QOL between women with and without low back pain. Multivariate regression models then examined the effect of low back pain on QOL, adjusting for covariate factors. Results: Among the 218 pregnant women included in the study, 137 were suffering from low back pain (LBP). The mean intensity of pain (numerical scale) in the LBP group was 5.04 ± 1.73 (range 0 to 10 for maximum pain). Among women with low back pain, 21% of them (n=29) reported having received the following treatments for their pain. There was a significant difference in the quality of life between the group of women with low back pain (LBP) and the one without low back pain (NLBP) in the areas of mental health, physical health as well as social relations. The mental health and social relationships dimensions seemed more affected than the physical scores. Conclusion: Low back pain decreased physical and psychosocial health during pregnancy. A greater support should be promoted in the medical follow-up of pregnant women with low back pain.