Assessment of Risky Sexual Behaviour and Associated Factors | 46906

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Assessment of Risky Sexual Behaviour and Associated Factors Among Jimma University of Kitto Furdisa Campus Students, Jimma Town, Oromia Region, South West of Ethiopia, 2015

Samuel Abdu A, Habtamu Tesfaye M, Bekana FeKecha H

Abstract Background: Risky sexual behaviors including early sexual debut, unprotected sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partner and changing sexual partners, occur in broader context. Objective: To assess risky sexual behaviors and associated factors among Jimma university of Kitto Furdisa students, Jimma zone, Jimma town, Kitto Furdisa in 2015. Method: Cross-sectional study was conducted on 407 undergraduate Engineering students of Jimma university of Kitto Furdisa students and with sampling technique of Stratified random sampling technique. Data was collected through self-administered questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS. For significant statistical association between dependent and independent variable chi-square test was employed and data was presented using table as needed. Results: A total of 407 questionnaires were distributed and 356 returned which makes the response rate 87.5%. 250 (70.2%) were male, majority 263 (73.9%) were in the age range of 20-24 years, 304 (85.4%) of them were aware of risk sexual behavior, 65 (32.9%) had their first sexual intercourse at the age 15-19 years followed by 46 (23.4%) at the age 20-24 year and 83 (42.1%) were do not remember their first sexual intercourse. Age, previous place residence and academic year are significantly associated with risky sexual behavior at p<0.05. Conclusion: This study revealed that there is risky sexual behavior among JIT students. Thus, continuous health information’s to create awareness on condom utilization and anticipation of future risks should be provided by Anti-HIV/ AIDS club of Jimma University of Kitto Furdisa Campus Students, Peer-club of students and student clinic.