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Primary Health Care: Open Access

ISSN - 2167-1079


Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Medical Laboratory Professionals on the Use of Internal Quality Control for Laboratory Tests among Selected Health Centers in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Dereje Mamuye G, Yamirot Merga D, Kumera Terfa K, Fatuma H3 and Aster T

Objective: To assess Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of medical laboratory professionals on the use of Internal quality control (IQC) for laboratory tests among selected Health centers. Methods: Cross sectional Study design was employed to assess Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) of IQC for laboratory tests and the questionnaires was circulated to collect the data and finally the data was entered, cleaned and analyzed using SPSS version 19.0 software. Tables and graphs were used to summarize the results. The chisquare test was employed to assess the association between variables. A p-value of less than 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. Result: From a total of 175 study participant majorities (81.7%) had better Knowledge about preparing in house made IQC and 18.3% have no knowledge about preparing in house made IQC. 98 (68.5%) of the study subject haven’t faced failed result for IQC and 45 (31.5%) were faced failed result. Study participant attitude was classified as bad, good, very good and excellent among this 4 (2.3%) have bad, 79 (45.1%) have good, 38 (21.7%) have very good and 54 (30.9%) have excellent attitude towards IQC. About 32 (18.3%) of the study participant had not perform IQC. Conclusion: In this study despite the study participants have better Knowledge and Attitude about IQC, majority have poor documentation Practice. Hence, a lot of educational and motivation activities and improvement of IQC practice are needed to promote the use IQC and reduce rate of error for laboratory results.