Analysis of Healthy Lifestlye Behaviours of Hypertensive Pat | 46149

Primary Health Care: Open Access

ISSN - 2167-1079


Analysis of Healthy Lifestlye Behaviours of Hypertensive Patients

Mukadder Mollaoglu and Gurcan Solmaz

Objective: The present study was conducted with the aim of determining the healthy lifestyle behaviours and affecting factors in hyptertensive patients. Method: This descriptive study was carried out with 155 patients who were hospitalized at Internal Medicine and Endocrinology Clinics of Cumhuriyet University Hospital. Data were obtained using Personal Information Form (PIF) and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours Scale (HLBS) and evaluated with number, percent, Mann Whitney U test, Kruskal- Wallis test and qui square test. Results:While the highest HLBS subscale scores were obtained from self-actualization, health responsibility, interpersonal relationships, stress management, the lowest scores were obtained from nutrition and physical activity subscales. Officers, married subjects and subjects with low income obtained high scores in self-actualization subscale; subjects who were 55 years old or above, graduates of intermediate school obtained high scores in health responsibility subscale; graduates of elemantary school and married subjects obtained high scores in physical activity subscale; male and married subjects obtained high scores in nutritional habits subscale and retired patients obtained high scores in total scale score (p<0.05). Conclusion: This research indicates that hypertensive patients do not follow healthy nutritional and physical activity principles and personal characteristics of patients affect healthy lifestyle behaviours.