Acute Cough and Urinary Leakage in Adult Women | 46797

Primary Health Care: Open Access

ISSN - 2167-1079


Acute Cough and Urinary Leakage in Adult Women

Alexander K, Tzipi S, Amnon L and Reuven D

Abstract Background: Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) is the most frequent reason for patients’ visits in primary care. We assessed the proportion of adult women suffering from URTI that reported cough-induced urinary leakage. Methods: We performed prospective field prevalence study, during it we surveyed consecutive women suffering from URTI and cough concerning their urinary symptoms. Results: We surveyed 208 women, age 31-88 years (mean 54.8 years). Fifty three per cent of women that visited their FPs with URTI, reported urinary leakage as one of their complaints. The majority of them never experienced involuntary urinary leakage. 25% of patients with urinary leakage considered this symptom as "serious" or "very serious". Women that experienced urinary leakage with URTI almost never complained about urinary leakage to their caregivers and were almost never questioned about the presence of urinary leakage during a visit for URTI. Nevertheless, urinary leakage can be very troublesome, but potentially treatable. Conclusion: Urinary leakage is frequent troublesome symptom of URTI, yet it is largely underreported. Primary care physicians rarely question as to the presence of urinary leakage during URTI. The physician should ask actively about urinary leakage.