A Systematic Review of Sensitive Skin Syndrome with its Prop | 47400

Primary Health Care: Open Access

ISSN - 2167-1079


A Systematic Review of Sensitive Skin Syndrome with its Proposed Pathogenetic Mechanism of Small Fiber Neuropathy

Kam Tim Michael Chan

Sensitive skin syndrome is a common skin condition present predominantly with subjective neurological symptoms. Its etiology and pathogenesis are still unclear. Its management is difficult. The absence of a confirmatory diagnostic test made sensitive skin poses diagnostic and therapeutic challenges to clinicians especially in primary health care setting. Small fiber neuropathy has been proposed as one of the pathogenetic mechanism. A Pubmed systematic literature search was performed to reveal scientific evidences on sensitive skin syndrome pathogenesis and its relation to small fiber neuropathy. The review aims to illustrate evidence base data on the pathological mechanisms of sensitive skin syndrome, to clarify unproven claims, to enable front line health care service provider’s scientific knowledge in counselling, education, prevention, and management of this complicated condition.