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Have strong developing experience in field management against diseases and insects of all major Horticultural crops and Field Crops. ? Training on phyto parasitic nematodes of different Horticultural crops and Field Crops. Screening process and setting up of protocols in limited time and limited resource. Expertise in Nematode screening for resistant entries in vegetables and fruit crops. Management of Phytonematodes with low cost eco-friendly chemicals under advisor of Dr. D.J. Patel sir. ? Experience in the screening of hot spot of rice blast disease in Jharkhand state and sheath blight of rice in UP, Maize diseases in Jharkhand. Worked on a sick plot of Linseed disease. ? Had 0.7+ years of professional experience in SBVR Agricultural College affiliated to ANGRAU academics of all subject courses of Plant Pathology. Hands on training in all basic plant pathology and microbiology subject matter aspects. Presented guest lecture to students and uploaded 50+ Youtube videos on different diseases of horticultural and cereal crop major crops. ? Prepared standard protocols on Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Ralstonia Bacterial Wilt, Erwinia Soft Rot, Alternaria Early Blight, WBNV, PRSV, Phytophthora Root rot and gummosis, Fusarium Dry root rot, Verticillium Wilt, Leaf curl virus (TOYLCV), Pestalopsis Scab, Didymella bryoniae Gummy Stem Blight and Root Knot Nematodes, etc. Rapid screening of crops against major diseases. ? Able to develop poly houses and controlled conditions within economical cost and able to artificial screen on major plant pathogens in Horticultural and Field crops and maintenance of host plants in case of Obligate parasites throughout the year. ? Developed standard protocols and treatment set up of post-harvest management of Papaya, Custard apple, Wax Apple, Guava and vegetable crops. ? Wide experience in the cultivation of different strains of Mushroom production technology Button Mushroom, Paddy straw Mushroom, White Milky Mushroom and Shitake mushroom. ? Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. ? Up to date Knowledge with the latest industry trends in management and screening of various diseases usability. Updating on pro ratio basis in the management of all diseases with biological and chemical pesticides. ? Sufficient knowledge of villages, languages, customs and protocols. ? I have wide experience in programs like youth leadership and personality development training program conducted by NYK, AIDS Awareness program, where I participated as a volunteer in rural awareness campus. ? Can manage all the plant pathological types of equipment and maintain it efficiently. Able to set up a laboratory and install all the equipment required within limited time. Able to run horizontal autoclave five cycles in a day. Mass production of Pathogens and storage of pure cultures. ? Vast experience with molecular and basic knowledge of equipment worked under IIAB Ranchi. Able to perform PCR and RT-PCR. ? Vast experience in B. Sc Agriculture about vegetable production under RAWEP unit in Punjab. ? Having experience in long-distance shipping of fruits and Vegetables.
Birsa Agricultural University
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Boyapati Ravi Teja Naidu and Manoj Kumar Barnwal (2021). First report of the Blast Single-celled spore pathogen, Pyricularia oryzae, on rice in India. 2022(1) Inoculum, Mycologia. NAAS 8.70. (Published by Mycologia Society of America.)

Research Interest

Overall 2.1 years of experiences in plant pathology primarily in the field, lab and academics.