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Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

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What is the most sensitive electrodiagnostic criteria for the diagnosis of Guillain Barré Syndrome?


August 29-31, 2017 | London, UK

Rattagan L, Marchesoni C, Leon Cejas L, Pardal A, Reisin R

Hospital Brit?¡nico, Argentina

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Abstract :

Introduction: Clinical electrophysiological studies are important in the evaluation of patients with Guillain-Barr?© Syndrome (GBS) several criteria have been proposed, both for demyelinating (AIDP) and for the axonal form (AMAN). They have different sensitivities for diagnosis in clinical practice. Objective: To assess the sensitivity of different electrodiagnostic criteria for early detection and characterization of GBS in an Argentinian cohort. Methods: We compared retrospectively 7 published sets of electrophysiological criteria (Albers et al,Van Den Berg et al, Ho et al, Hadden et al, Italian Guillain-Barr?© Study Group, Cornblath et al and Rajabally et al) in patients with clinical diagnosis of GBS, who were consecutively included in our IGOS cohort between 2014 and 2017. Electrophysiological tests were performed twice: at diagnosis and within four weeks. Results: Fourteen patients were included, 9 males, mean age 45.9 years. The highest sensitivity for AIDP in the first study was Albers (71,42%) followed by Van Den Berg and Hadden (64,3% and 57% respectively). The second study increased sensitivity to 82,46%, 80,51% and 66,23% (Van Den Berg, Albers and Hadden respectively). AMAN was identified in 35,7%, increasing up to 44,79 with the second study under Rajabally criterion, followed by Ho et al (14,28%). Conclusion: AIDP was the most prevalent form. The highest sensitivity was with Albers and Van Den Berg criteria. Sensitivity is further increased in equivocal cases when a second study is performed. Using the recent criteria by Rajabally, GBS can be characterized as axonal in over 40% of patients.

Biography :

Maria Lucia Rattagan is working in Hospital Britanico, Argentina. Rattagan published severals abstract in Internationals Journals