Regenerative treatment of Criptogenic epilepsy, West†| 49603

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

Regenerative treatment of Criptogenic epilepsy, West’s syndrom with transformation in LennoxGasto syndrom.Case report. Cure


August 29-31, 2017 | London, UK

Victoria Palinska and I.Palinskiy

Private Scientific Institute International Treatment-Health-Educational Center, Ukraine

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Abstract :

Wetâ??s syndrome, like and Lennox-Gasto syndrome â?? hard generalized form of epilepsy,that characterized some level of pharmacoresistance and often needs neurosurgical operative surgery. The purpose of this articles â?? show the results of treatment Westâ??s syndrome and Lennox-Gasto syndrome. Patient O, 6years had been treating in Private Scientific Institute ITHEC â??Victoriaâ? from 2016 to 2017yy. On the moment of coming patientâ??s mother complains on seizureses like muscules strain (infantile spasms), and slowing psycho-emotional development. Patient didnâ??t talk, didnâ??t walk. Neurosonography(11/05/2012)without pathology. EEG (2011)-hypsarrhythmia. EEG â?? control (2012)- hypsarrhythmia and transformation Westâ??s syndrome in Lennox-Gasto syndrome. Patient started course of treatment in age 5 years. For 3 days we didnâ??t determinate frequency seizures increasing, but patient had one more intensive seizure (on 50%) on third day of treatment. After this regenerative reaction â?? frequency of seizures began to decline. After 2 month seizures stopped and didnâ??t determinate more. EEG-control (04/05-2017)- absolutely age limit (without hypsarrhutmia and without Spike wave to3 Hz). Patient started talkstand and walk with help. Results: hard generelized epilepsy, like Westâ??s syndrome and Lennox-Gasto syndrome can be cured by protocol â??V-07.6.1/13-G40.

Biography :

Victoria Palinska is a Neurologist and Neurosurgeon and had been working in PSI from 12 years and has large experience in Regenerative treatment (by Method of I.Palinskiy), Epilepsy therapy and surgery. She is the director of Private Scientific Institute International Treatment-Health-Educational Center “Victoria” after her Father and used regenerative treatment by protocols of our Institute. And autor 6 patents and 12 scientific articles.