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Neurosurgery in Sudan, current and future challenges

Joint Event on 25th International Conference on Neurology: Neurochemistry Neuropharmacology and Neurosciences & International Conference on Neurooncology and Neurosurgery

September 17-18, 2018 Dubai, UAE

Abderrahman Omer

Military Hospital-Sudan, Sudan

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Abstract :

Introduction: Despite the profound progress in and achievements in medical services in Sudan, still in neurosurgery there are some frustrations markedly affecting the patients'` management. These difficulties include the number of neurosurgeons, the training centres,the equipments and the inadequate health care planning. These factors lead neurosurgeons not to work at home or return home after trained outside. It is obvious that the future development of neurosurgery in Sudan, will depend largely on efforts to improve the quality of training program by adding new subspecialties in training and by improving the local condition to enable neurosurgeons to practice properly.

Objectives: To describe the rise and progress of neurosurgery in Sudan.

Methods: Data collections regarding neurosurgical practice in Sudan including difficulties, time line of progress and dominant pathologies.

Results:Despite the progress in medical service in Sudan, neurosurgery is lagging behind in terms of service.

Discussion: Future progress in neurosurgery in Sudan depends mainly on improving the local training program, adding new subspecialities, improving the local conditions, start exchange programs of training outside the country and invite visiting trainers to conduct domestic training programs, bring recent technologies through local budgets or charity donations and lastly participate in international events in neurosurgery to exchange experience.

Conclusion: Despite the difficult days neurosurgery in Sudan is facing now, but the future of both practice and specialty is quite promising.

Biography :

Abderrahman Omer is a neurosurgeon at Omdurman Military Hospital, to look after and manage neurosurgical problems as part of the neurosurgical department there, which serves both military and civilian patients. Before starting his career as a neurosurgeon, He joined the ministry of health as a general practioner and an intern immediately after completing the medical school in the University of Gezira. After having the degree of clinical MD in neurosurgery in 2013,He joined the army hospital and started to work as a neurosurgeon dealing with trauma cases as part of taruma team and nontrauma cases in pediatrics, neurooncology and spine cases for simple non complicated cases and later , for the first time in the hospital, to operate on posterior fossa and more complex cases and just few weeks before they did the first transsphenoidal case with ENT team. His ambition is to start more subspecialised surgeries in his hospital and the whole country.