Knowledge, attitude and practice towards Epilepsy among Sudanese | 48917

Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

ISSN - 2155-9562

Knowledge, attitude and practice towards Epilepsy among Sudanese doctors, Khartoum state, 2014

8th European Neurology Congress

September 21-23,2016 Amsterdam,Netherlands

Razeen Alhabeeb Alsherif, Lamia Mahmoud, Abbashar Hussein, Mohamed Adel Taha and Mohamed D Dafaalla

University of Khartoum, Sudan

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Abstract :

Objective: To evaluate the knowledge, attitudes and practices towards epilepsy among Sudanese doctors in Khartoum state, 2014. Methodology: A cross sectional hospital based study targeting doctors (69 house officer,11 medical officer,15 registrars of medicine, 12registrars of pediatrics) in Khartoum state completed through self-administration of a questionnaire containing items addressing demographics, epilepsy knowledge, attitudes toward PWE and toward using a validated phone application to help diagnose epilepsy and practices toward epilepsy. The response rate was 57.4%. Analyses were conducted using the SPSS program v20. Results: 19.7% of doctors considered epilepsy a contagious disease, 10.3% think that epilepsy is caused by possession by Jinn, 22.2% think that epilepsy cannot be treated, 26.4% considered themselves as not familiar with the variety of AED, their specific use and their side effects, 98.1% will allow their child to play with an epileptic child and 67.7% will allow their son/daughter to marry a PWE. 82.1% think that PWE can have a normal quality of life, 24.3% think that PWE cannot make close friends with the other people. 11.5% were not willing to be seen with someone during his/her epileptic attack. 61% will be prepared personally to use a validated phone app. to help diagnose epilepsy. In the treatment of partial epilepsy 55.2% use Sodium Valproate. In treatment of generalized epilepsy 64.4% use Sodium Valproate. Conclusion: High education does not mean the complete absence of false beliefs. Sodium Valproate is the most common used drug in treating both partial and generalized epilepsy.

Biography :

Razeen Alhabeeb Alsherif is student of University of Khartoum faculty of medicine, Daoud research group, Sudan. He has published more than 4 papers in reputed journals.