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Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology

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Importance of multidisciplinary team involvement in the care of patients with stroke

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May 14-16, 2012 Embassy Suites Las Vegas, USA

Monica Perez-Ferreiro, Vanessa Gallego-Mendez and Elena Perez-Garcia

Posters: J Neurol Neurophysiol

Abstract :

Today health teams consist of professionals from different disciplines (nurses, nursing assistants and orderlies) towards the treatment and care of stroke patients. These teams are critical in the transmission of information and education to patients. In addition, occupational health of professionals who care for these people is very important and is not unusual to find secondary injuries due to inappropriate movements. Efforts to increase knowledge and skills of professionals in the mobilization of patients who have suffered a stroke are of great importance to both patients and professionals themselves. The mobilization of these patients for these professionals is especially an arduous task. Because of that, we have made a daily management training program of stroke patients for nursing staff and orderlies who work with these patients at the Ramon y Cajal College Hospital. There were specific training sessions for each group with theoretical and practical workshops which were evaluated using self-design questionnaires before and after sessions. This program is part of a project financed under the 2010 funds for strategies of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy of Spain which were approved in CISNS dated 09/04/2010. After running the program and once the data analysis, the results suggested that in all groups were generally achieved improvements in mobilization of stroke patients knowledge. That is why it would be useful to establish these training programs routinely in hospitals, encouraging multidisciplinary work required by these patients.

Biography :

Monica Perez-Ferreiro, Vanessa Gallego-Mendez and Elena Perez-Garcia have completed their physiotherapy studies from Complutense University and European University, Madrid (Spain). They actually work at Ramon y Cajal College Hospital, Madrid, Spain, in the Neurological Rehabilitation Service. They form the research team that have created this proyect. They are also part of other neurological proyects as collaborators. They are associated teachers of Alcala de Henares University School of Physiotherapy